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image sample A group of free-minded bloggers, journalists, and activists, we are based in the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world. Keen on perpetuating the democratic spirit of the Arab Spring, we confront both autocrats and extremists with audacious reporting and whistle-blowing, daring opinion-writing, and creative, edgy artwork.

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who we stand for tab thumb We fight authoritarianism and corruption, advocate free elections and open government, and champion civil rights. Speech, thought, opinion, belief, expression... all freedoms are our friends. Our baseline: Arabs too are worthy of universal Human rights! ... And we're fun! Intellectual curiosity, creativity, and humor are our staples. Join the club!

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who supports us tab thumb Launched with financial support from a small group of independent Arab journalists, Free Arabs is—and vows to remain—totally independent of any government or political party, group or institution. We do not—and will not—pursue any other agenda than those stated in our editorial line: figting corruption, defending democracy, and promoting creativity.

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 <span class=video_span>FATWA</span>REINVENTING GYNECOLOGY
 <span class=video_span>HOW TO MAKE</span>AN ISIS TERRORIST
 <span class=video_span>GENDER EQUALITY</span>THROUGH FOOTBALL

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